Stefano’s Restaurant is the flagship venue for celebrity cook, microbrewer and restaurateur Stefano de Pieri. This highly idiosyncratic dining venue in Mildura Victoria sprang from the combined vision of Don Carrazza, owner of the Mildura Grand Hotel, and his son-in-law, Stefano.

The restaurant and Stefano have been bestowed numerous awards and continue to attract local, interstate and international diners.

Stefano’s is housed in the original cellars of the Mildura Grand Hotel. What were once cool rooms for kegs of beer have been turned into intimate dining spaces. The larger of the two, The Cool Room, seats up to 30 guests and is notable for a display of frosted mirrors from the 1930s that visually narrate the Mildura story. The Venetian Room seats up to 14 guests and takes its name from Stefano’s origins. The corridor linking these ‘cool rooms’ is lined with tables for single or couple diners and an array of art work and memorabilia from Stefano’s collection.

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